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We love take out pizza…..

…...and are more than happy to cook you a pizza to enjoy at home. So much so, that we will give you a 10% discount on your order. But as you have probably gathered we are a bit different from mainstream pizza take outs - quirky some might say.

Many of our ingredients are seasonal or from artisanal suppliers. This means our menu changes daily, sometimes more depending on supply.  For this reason we ask that you pop into the restaurant to place your order where we can advise you on availability and cooking times.   

We can also get extremely busy and our wood oven (and our poor chef) can only cook so fast. On extremely busy days there may be a long wait for take outs so on the odd occasion we may feel it is best to say 'no' to takeaways rather than mess you about. Please don't  be angry, we use traditional techniques and run a natural wood burning oven - we do our best but sometimes demand outstrips supply……sorry!

If you would rather someone bring pizza to you, then we have partnered up with Deliveroo who will do the leg work (literally) to get our pizza to your door.  We offer delivery at all but the busiest times……please visit their website to order.