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Waitrose Good Food Guide - 2017

Hardens Guide - 2017


We have spent a long time supping our way through many, many, many beers and wines to land what we believe to be, a very respectable drinks offering.

Our wine list is something rather special. Darren from independent wine merchant Grape & Grind on the Gloucester Road has really nailed it. We don't care too deeply about grape variety, terrior, soil type or any other such pomp - we select only by taste. Light to full bodied, floral to flinty, full on fruit to smokey….its all there.

We also have a unique wine pricing policy that 'flattens' the price list. We make pretty much the same amount of money from our house wine as we do from our champagne.  This means that if we recommend a wine to you, it's because we think it is great, not because we are trying to line our pockets. 

As far as craft ales go, we felt you need go no further than Bristol to get the full spectrum - from ultra light IPAs to dark porters and stouts.  So all beers are from Bristol and the surrounds - nice. Our lager is Cornish but we also stock Brooklyn Lager from the States…..because we like it.